Launching a hybrid/electric fishing vessel

May 5, 2021

Jason Rankin, President of Asadalia Fisheries Ltd., likes to improve things. After earning a degree in environmental engineering at Dalhousie, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy, where his specialty was navigation. Now retired from the navy, he has returned to his fishing heritage. Five years ago, he began lobster fishing out of Pictou with his father. Since then, Jason has taken over his father’s lobster licence and become captain of his own vessel.

Apply to join the Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board

April 19, 2021

Applications are currently open to join the Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board (FALB), and the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board (FLB). To learn more about opportunities to serve on either Board to support these important Nova Scotian industries, please visit or call 1-866-206-6844 (toll free). Information on qualifications, time commitment, meeting frequency and duration and other important details are available online at the above link.

Sometimes, It's Just In Your Bones

March 22, 2021

Ocean Calls Home Maritime Son

Joseph DeCoste grew up on the ocean and could never quite live without it.

He’s fished the waters of East Tracadie with his father since the age of 15, sailing first the humble 34 foot Joey Bengie, then later the 40 foot Sunrise Sail II. But by the end of his formal education Joseph found himself to be a power engineer, pursuing work and good living in Fort McMurray, Alberta, like so many Maritimers before him.

A Boat Named Bobby Lee

July 28, 2020

East Petpeswick Native Becomes Captain at Age 20

There are very few 20-year-olds who know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but for Bradley Roma, there was never any question.

“I’ve been fishing since I could walk,” he said. “I finished high school early and went right to fishing with my old man, full time.”

Shiny New Ship Expected for Shag Harbour

June 22, 2019

Coming To Harbours This Fall

There comes a time in every man’s life when he just needs a new damn boat, a point which Curtis Halliday of Shag Harbour has finally reached.

A Bit About Us

June 1, 2019

Fishing is a proud, vibrant industry at the very core of our heritage. It’s woven into the fabric of our province and for the communities and families whose livelihood depend on it – fishing is a way of life.

For the past 10 years, Vern Shea, Vessel Inspector with the Department of Agriculture has visited docks and piers from the picturesque shoreline in Cape Breton to the heart of the world’s largest lobster fishing grounds in Yarmouth. 

A seasoned and respected member of the fishing and boat building industries, Vern began his career 44 years ago.

Fishing By The Numbers

April 1, 2019

St Peter’s Resident Goes From Office to Ocean

Kevin King is a man of numbers, a predisposition which led him first to St Mary’s University where he earned a degree in commerce, then to the Municipality of Richmond, Cape Breton Island, where he worked in accounts payable and, among other things, facilitated the sale of property and collected taxes. He was good at it, but throughout his studies and subsequent career, the ocean remained outside his window.